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for Industrial Services Professionals 

Crisis Management Consultants and Industrial Disputes Resolution Specialists

Sustainable Capacity Training and Development in Industrial Administration and Industrial Arbitration

Who We Are

Brief info about the Chartered Institute of Industrial Administrators and Arbitrators

As a professional body, the CIIAArb is an international institution of industrial services specialists drawn from diverse fields of learning and industrial practices such as engineering, law, industrial management, and corporate administration.

Membership Benefits

As a member of CIIAArb, you are entitled to these and more…


Professional Recognition

Gain professional recognition as a specialist Administrator or specialist Arbitrator in the individual’s chosen industry.


Increased Networking Opportunities

A CIIAA membership affords you better networking among international membership platforms of the Institute for solutions to complex workplace issues and opportunities.


Resource Materials

With a CIIAA membership, you have unlimited access to CIIAA e-library resource materials for professional development.


Better Knowledge Acquisition

As a member of CIIAA, you have access to knowledge and information updates/advices on trending issues

Increased Career Opportunities

You are exposed to increased business and employment opportunities due to high level professional contacts between members


Capacity Training

Career development in terms of attending annual conferences, workshops and seminars at discounted membership fees.

CIIAArb is established to inspire and sustain the core values of industrial administration and industrial arbitration within the context of international industrial developments which specifically anchor on modern industrial practices…

Prof. E. E. Jumbo

Distinguished Senior Fellow, CIIAA


We are presently nominating and electing qualified applicants for Corporate Member and Fellow grades for the Institute Membership Induction Program into Fellow, Member, and Associates of the Institute. Register today and be assessed for your grade of membership. Registration is quick and easy.

Members have access to a host of benefits ranging from workshops, networking and access to resources online.

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