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Our Vision, Mission Statement and Profile

The Chartered Institute of Industrial Administrators and Arbitrators (CIIAA) is an International Institute of industrial administrators and industrial arbitrators drawn from different countries around the globe. The Institute was established pursuant to Parliamentary Act No. 26 of Laws of Namibia, enacted in 1988, with the enabling legal authority to train, assess, charter and regulate the conduct of its members in the practice of industrial administration and arbitration.


As a professional body of repute, the CIIAA is determined to remain an international institution of industrial services specialists whose training or job scope falls within the mandates of the Institute; these specialists are drawn from diverse fields of learning and industrial practices such as engineering, law, industrial management, corporate administration, etc.


CIIAA shall continue to be a global resources pool for advancements in industrial administrative practices. In this vein, the Institute shall continue to evolve modern, scientifically proven, success driven and specialized skills acquisition in industrial scale administrative and arbitrative training and practices, for its members.


The programs of the Institute shall be continuously directed at developing an international team of corporate services practitioners that are skilled in industrial administration and industrial arbitration. The Institute shall conduct this knowledge and skills development on the basis that industrial administration deals with policy formulation for the creation and management of systems that integrate human, material resources and energy in sustainably productive ways that are driven by a corporate culture of efficiency.


The Institute’s core mandate of training, equipping and developing specialized workforce within the framework of industrial administration and industrial arbitration is guided by the scientific application of standard industrial scale practice and considerations which are not limited to the following;

  • Development of enterprise organizations driven by data science, technology and system functionalities
  • Human resources with measurable performance index
  • Communication and defined structures of responsibility
  • Facility management and integrated support services
  • Information and digital technology
  • Management of commercialized digital and virtual assets
  • Training and development of businesses within virtual environments
  • Project management and ergonomics
  • Finance and budget administration, etc.


In is important to state that CIIAA training modules are designed along the fundamental points stated above. These modules are articulated to enable the professional industrial administrator or industrial arbitrator to inter alia:

  • enhance their personal values to their corporate clients or employers of their services
  • demonstrate total commitment to high quality industrial administrative practice
  • upscale competence and credibility in the job market
  • expand career potentiality in the face of daunting challenges.


Training Centers

CIIAA programs shall be conducted in various training centers all over the world. Thus, interested study centers and training institutions can apply to the Institutes for study center creation in their localities. There is also the opportunity of self-study where a candidate accesses the study modules of the Institute on the basis of which the candidate prepares for exams, for the specified course modules.

Core Values

CIIAArb is determined to:

  1. Remain committed as an Institute of Industrial Excellence in advancing the specialized training and practice of Industrial Administration and Industrial Arbitration.
  2. Initiate, sustain and regularly review the Institute’s professional codes of practice incidental to high ethical conducts expected of the Institution’s members.
  3. Remain an international institutional leader in the standardization of the training and certification of professionals in the specialized field of Industrial Administration and Industrial Arbitration.
  4. Continuous research and innovation in modern practice of Industrial Administration and Industrial Arbitration, driven by high dynamic technology content and internationalization of corporate industrialization policy instruments of reputable organizations, who have proven records of success in industrial administration and industrial arbitration.
  5. Instill a sense of creativity and dynamism in the pursuit of rational and global industrial harmony.

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  • CIIAA is established to inspire and sustain the core values of industrial administration and industrial arbitration within the context of international industrial developments; having the central mandate to specifically anchor on modern industrial practices directed at the harmonious relationships and standardization of industrial production and service concerns.
  • It is the vision of CIIAA to sustain the promotion of industrial harmony beyond workplace tranquility and realization of corporate objectives.
  • It is also the passion of the Institute to advance the optimization of individual and corporate interest under enhanced work environments, where corporate responsibility and administrative inclusivity become the driving force to projected achievements.


In order to achieve its vision,

  • CIIAA shall at all times create a balance between top management perception of performance and industrial realities in multi-scoped organizations.
  • It is the mission of the organization to be a pace setter in the development of cutting edge corporate solutions and competitive alternatives to complex industrial concerns and situations.
  • Objectives

    • To train and professionally charter or license awardees who have shown evidence of professionalism in the honest and impartial discharge of their duties, obligations and corporate commitments; such persons are responsibly trustworthy and have secured the confidence of their employers, members of the public and all that are connected to their industrial endeavors or services, while maintaining respect and personal dignity to all concerned.
    • To technically equip interested trainees to possess applicable and operational knowledge, strategy, skill and tact in rendering of high standard service with significant measure of professional integrity and personal responsibility.
    • To inculcate and promotion high degree of technical competence and accountability in the interest of responsible professionalism and public interest.
    • To train persons who have capacity to consistently generate innovative solutions and proactive approach to change when necessity prevails.
    • To sustain and promote the recognition of those whose efforts have brought significant change in their respective industrial involvements.
    • To support the practice of open communication, fairness and equitable judgment on the basis of proof of achievement of industrial harmony.
    • To inculcate the qualities of leadership by objectivity, while promoting the ideals of continuous and innovative learning.
    • To respect the dignity and sanctify of human life in all industrial work environment
    • To sustain a sense of shared responsibility and obligation with other industrial administrators or other professionals in other to maintain the standards of the practices.



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