Dr. Frank Agodi, FCIIAArb (USA)

Council Member and Director of Digital Learning Systems and Institutional Advancements

Dr. Agodi is a creative instructor per excellence. Teaching and knowledge transmission is his passion. He is an intelligent academic of many caps. In addition to degrees in engineering, he holds a Master of Public Health degree in Community Health and Education and a PhD in Community Health- Disease Control and Prevention. In terms of career progression, Dr. Agodi was a software development test engineer with Cisco Systems Inc, USA and other high caliber industrial organizations in the United States of America for lengthy period of time, during which he developed the skills and technical acumen that will drive the web based and digital learning unit of the Institute.  


Over the years of his active engagement in human resource development in his university of primary assignment, Dr. Agodi has maintained a track record of excellence in educational administration. He is a specialist in design and development of virtual learning technologies and online educational platforms. He has pioneered the development of digital teaching aides and lesson plans that integrates technology into learning contents to drive memory retention. Among other technological feats, Dr. Agodi was also involved in the development of intuitive and interactive learning environments that supports the future of learning technologies.

In his capacity as the Director, Digital Learning Systems and Institutional Advancements, he shall guide the Institute into the areas of cutting edge technologies that will enhance high productivity especially in multiple areas that support diverse functions, knowledge of online instructional methods, digital technologies for educational development, student support services, program planning and management, etc. Dr. Agodi shall work closely with the Institute’s distance education technologists to develop and disseminate standard learning contents for the Institute training modules and courses.