Engr. S. Aneme, M.Eng, FCIIAArb (Nigeria)

Council Member and Director of Industrial Training
and Capacity Development

Engr. Aneme is a Fellow of the Institute and the Institute’s Director for Industrial Training and Capacity Development. He is a Registered Engineer with the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and a member of the Nigeria Society of Engineers. He is well read, technically skilled and seasoned engineer of international repute and maintains a growing record of challenging industrial development feats.

 He has undertaken the construction and commissioning of major oil and gas development fields within Africa for multinational industrial organizations and understands the impacts of industrial and workplace harmony to budgetary provisions and timelines of industrial projects. His capacity to manage hundreds of projects personnel from diverse fields of learning and nationalities in the high capacity industrial projects he had administered over the years makes him a central figure in the Institute’s industrial training and capacity development initiatives.