Mr. Ayush Jaiswal, LLM, MCIIAArb (India)

Corporate Services and Int’l Linkages Officer

Attorney Jaiswal is a consummate academic in law and currently concluding his PhD program; his zeal for higher knowledge has given him the opportunity to traverse significant international legal resources including universities schools of law, internships, law clinics and fellowships. As assistant Professor of Law, he has taught various law courses and supervised graduating law students in a number of Indian Universities Law Schools.

 He is a widely read Attorney-at-Law, Founder and Chief Editor to a number of international journals in law, industrial arbitration and industrial administration. His contributions to the field of legal research and adjudication has positioned him within the ambits of the Institute’s Industrial Arbitration programs where his capacity for establishing procedural requirements for the Institute’s Virtual Arbitration Program will be highly useful.

 Attorney Jaiswal has operational capacity and knowledge in the various applications of technology in Arbitration Practice. He is a well-resourced technocrat and has widely published academic and professional articles in learned journals. He is a known speaker at law conferences for young learners, lawyers in academics, and members of the public whose activities relates to the application of legal knowledge. As a mark of excellence, Attorney Jaiswal has a number of national awards to his credit including Full Term Doctoral Fellowship Award of the Indian Council of Social Sciences and Research.