Mrs. Irina Yakovlva, B. Tech, MCIIAArb (Ukraine)

Public Relations and Media Marketing Officer

Mrs. Iryna is a passionate administrator with excellent skills in interpersonal relationships most especially in student affairs management. Over the years of her services in this area of corporate administration, she has distinguished herself as technocrat and have consequently shown that she could be a reliable hand to bring about change that is most needed in the art of human resource development.

 As the Institute’s Public Relations Officer, her capability to use main stream and digital media contents to engage members of the public in the direction of the Institute’s programs is not only fascinating but rewarding to both the Institute and members of the public who are interested in the institute’s programs. This feat attest to her competence and the basis of her engagement in the regard.

 In all her previous work engagements, she had maintained a healthy track record of an experienced corporate sales executive. In addition, as a trained scientist, her understanding of the technology behind modern learning platforms and virtual engagement environments together with the opportunities for digital applications is a veritable tool at the disposal of the Institute.