Prof. E. O. Taiwo, PhD, FCIIAArb (Nigeria)

Council Member

Prof. Taiwo is an accomplished academic with a touch of professionalism. The capacity to achieve his current status is based on his hard work and personal perception of academic excellence; these have enabled him to climb the lather of academic success.

His rise in academics have seen him grow from his entry position as a lecturer through the ranks to the apex of his career when he was appointed the Vice Chancellor of a private university; and later was appointed to the office of Honorable Commissioner of a Nigerian state. Due to the efficiency recorded in his service delivery and satisfactory performance on the job, he was concurrently appointed as the Deputy Chief of Staff to Government House.    

 He is a Fellow of a number of professional bodies both in Africa and beyond where he has contributed enormously and has innovated ideas and measures that resulted better performance of members. On the basis of his excellent performance in service delivery, Prof. Taiwo has received several Awards of Excellence in Nigeria, USA, Rep of Benin and other countries. A true industrialist, Prof. Taiwo has also made a name in energy services delivery. 

Prof. Taiwo have shown top managerial and administrative capability, efficiency in service delivery under pressure with minimum supervision, engagement in personal development and motivation that enhances corporate stability. Prof Taiwo has published several articles in international journals and books on management. He has presented papers on cutting edge developments in industrial administration at international conferences and workshops. He is currently pursuing a third PhD in the field of Political Science having received his previous PhDs in other very challenging fields that are very relevant to his roles in the Institute.