Dr. Florence Brown, FCIIAArb (Nigeria)

Council Member and Director of Institute Arbitration Consultancy Services

Dr. Brown is a Fellow of the Institute and the Institute’s Director, Arbitration Consultancy Services. She is a trained Attorney and member of Nigeria Bar Association; Dr. Brown has over the years of her legal practice, also taught law courses and have actively participated in many arbitration sessions. Her interest in industrial harmony by the deployment of arbitration procedure to dispute resolutions has endeared her to many industrial giants for settlement of their employee-employer disputes. On the Council of the Institute, the legal views of this erudite scholar shall be veritable for optimizing the opportunities of the Institute and its members.

 Dr. Brown’s capacity for overseeing the Institute’s Arbitration Consultancy Services will increase the international visibility of the Institute in respect of standardizing the teaching and practice of international arbitration in respect to industrial issues. This will also enable the Institute enter into affiliations with international, industrial and commercial arbitration organizations and other legally empowered institutions that offer arbitration services. This approach will also enrich the Institute’s Arbitration curriculum up to its MA and PhD programs in Industrial Arbitration.