Evang. Sunday Zuoke, MCIIAArb (Nigeria)

ICT and Digital Media Manager

Evang. Sunday Zuoke is the Institute’s IT and Digital Media Manager. He has vast experience in ICT design, implementation and development. His experience and exposure in the ICT industry span over two decades. He had an excellent career in the industry before setting up his IT outfit from where he manages digital and web contents for several industrial organizations. His capability and performance in digital media and content creation has resulted satisfactory and well defined functional designs for print, web, and screen blueprints. He has developed many high caliber interactive websites and produced countless media marketing and promotional materials for numerous clients, both online and offline.

He loves taking on challenging projects and following through to completion and deployment. He is also a prolific writer, having published 3 books. He runs 3 blogs where he publishes periodically. He holds academic and professional qualifications in IT, Management and Theology.

In terms of character and commitment to duty, Evang. Zuoke has a reputation for honesty and reliability. On the management team of the Institute, he will continue to administer the Institute’s digital learning platforms, create digital image contents, schedule audio-visual lectures and learning engagement meetings, etc.